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Group Product information

HG Health Packages*


Employer paid Group Plans available  for employees and their families, to assist  in saving money and time on medical  services.  All packages include Telemedicine (Access to a Dr. 24/7 with  Zero Co-Pay by phone or video conference), Pharmacy Benefits, Medical  Pricing Transparency (Best Price on Medical Service in Your Area), and  Medical Bill Negotiations(Assistance with Best Price on higher cost Medical  Services). Package #3 has (9) separate medical services available within  the package at a very affordable monthly rate.  Monthly fee listed also covers spouse and dependent children within the home. It is not required to have Health Insurance in place to purchase these services.

HG  Health comes with three (3) standard  packages to choose from. Specialized Packages/Pricing are available for large Employers.



Being able to have access to a doctor 24/7  is so important for your employees and their families, to receive assistance for common type illnesses, such as sinus infections and colds. Employees can speak with, email, or video chat with a licensed physician conveniently from any location with NO-COPAY.  The Dr. will call or email prescribed medications directly into the  pharmacy of the employee's choosing. Appointments can be arranged through the  convenient App. This Employer paid service is provided with NO-COPAY, with no annual limits for service. The one monthly fee covers the employee, their spouse, and all dependent children.  It is not required to have Health Insurance in place to purchase this service for employees. 



Having a full Pharmacy Program available to employees is extremely important due to the high cost of many medications today. This service is a simple way to save money on prescription drugs, and can be less expensive than many other Pharmacy Programs. To use the service, employees select their medication with the proper dosage, enter their debit or credit card information, process the payment, and present their Rx Valet Pharmacy Card at their local pharmacy to pick-up the prescription. They  will owe nothing when they pickup their prescription. The RxValet Pharmacy Card is accepted at 60,000 Pharmacies. Home Delivery is also available for 30 and 90-day supplies. Diabetic supplies are also available at very affordable rates. 

Pet Meds*


Pet Meds is a Pharmacy Program that can help employees save money on  expensive medications for their pets. Today, many pet medications can be almost as expensive as medications for the owners of pets! This program offers pet medications at competitive prices. Very low monthly fee to  have access to lower priced pet medications. 

The Pet Meds Pharmacy Card is accepted at over 60,000 Pharmacies.  Pharmacies include: Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Target, Costco, and thousands more!  Home Delivery is also available for 30 and 90-day supplies.

Ultimate Fun Program


Employees will receive access to the deepest discounts available for hotels, resorts, and condos. Also included in the program are steep discounts on entertainment tickets, including theme parks, concerts, movie tickets, broadway theater shows, Las Vegas shows, and all professional sporting events, including NASCAR. This is one of the few entertainment savings programs that includes discounts on Disneyland and Disney World!  Discounts on airfare, car rentals, and cruises are also included. Participants will also receive discounts on 57,000 restaurants around the Country. 

For everyday financial savings, discounts are available on a variety of items, such as computers, phone service, home financing, new car purchases, Sam’s Club, and much more! This savings program sells for $9.95 per employee per month, with discounts available for large groups.



*ALL Services & Products Offered Through Hunsinger Group, LLC Are NOT INSURANCE.

Please note: When enrolling as an Individual in any of the above programs , you are leaving the site to enroll through the Service Provider's proprietary website. Hunsinger Group, LLC does not store any client information.