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All families have needs, and Hunsinger Group, LLC serves individuals and families that want valued advice and affordable products and services. We are here to provide service to individuals and families that may or may not have health insurance.   All services on our website are also available to employers and insurance professionals. HG is a General Agent for most products and services, and has over 20 years of expertise in the Enhanced Benefit Marketplace.

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Protecting Futures

It is so important for everyone to do proper financial planning, which includes having the proper insurances and medical services in place, along with planning for the future. Without the proper coverages and savings programs, an expensive medical procedure or even a death can have devastating financial effects on a family. It’s imperative that individuals review with an experienced Professional regarding the different products and services that are available to purchase, so that they are properly protected.


Assessing Needs

Every individual and family has different needs based on their personal situations, and the products each will need to purchase to protect their families will be different.   A well-trained and experienced Professional needs to thoroughly review what the family’s needs are, and advise them what products are available to address those needs. There are many new products on the market today that are inexpensive and a great value for families.


Chief Executive Officer


Sheryl Hunsinger has a long background in the Financial Industry, having worked 10 years in the Banking industry, and most recently spending the past 23 years in the Insurance industry. The past 19 years of Sheryl’s career was spent as Agency Director for Chimienti & Associates, a large Managing General Agency in CA, specializing in Enhanced Benefits and related Employer services. Working with many large Employer groups in her role as Agency Director, she assisted in the benefit over-sight of Voluntary employee programs, and the selection of cost-effective benefit plans designed to best address the individual and family needs of a large breadth of employee backgrounds.  In addition to working with large Employers, Sheryl was tasked with managing profitability and analyzing the cost efficiencies of all large expenditures, hiring and managing staff, and assisting the CEO with evaluation and execution of all large projects. Her education at Fresno State prepared her well for her career, graduating with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration.

Starting the Hunsinger Group, LLC in 2018 as CEO & President, Sheryl brings a broad background of industry understanding, selecting some of the most cost-effective and value added benefits and services available to individuals and families in addressing the high cost of medical care today.

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